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A New Way Forward For Creatives

A New Way Forward For Creatives ...

Over the last 5-10 years, our industry (film) has undergone a massive change. The tools are cheaper than ever, their quality continues to rise, and it is easier than ever to deliver content directly to specific audiences. On the one hand this makes for an exciting time, as we creatives are no longer beholden to the "big studios" telling us what we can and cannot produce. We have the tools, and we can create!

On the other hand, as I have noted before, this has also resulted in the death of the specialist, and the further abuse of our fellow technicians in our industry. And while I still maintain that it is bad business to be a cinematographer, I am seeing market trends and a societal shifts that are opening up new doors for creatives to not only succeed, but to thrive in this new world.

There is an exciting way forward for those of us who are willing to jump out and take a risk. All it requires is that we abandon our "traditional" thinking and approach.
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How To Get Better Delivery From Non-Actors For Under $200

Sorry, no assistant today- enjoy my ugly mug! ;-)

If you're like me, you've done a lot of interviews with non-actors who need to look straight into the camera, and you know how intimidating that can be for the "talent." As soon as the camera turns on, they clam up and turn into robots- their great personality quickly disappears. The solution to getting the performance you need, while still having them look straight into camera, is to have them look at someone's face instead.

By looking at another person's face that is responding to their answers you get a more natural response, and a more engaged interview. It is much more comforting for someone who has never been on camera to look at another face, instead of having to stare down that intimidating camera lens...

If you've done much research on gear that allows this to happen, then you've probably stumbled upon the Eye-Direct System. I've used this exact system on a number of shoots across the country. However, at $1,400, it is relegated to the classification of speciality gear that most will rent. But what if you could use tools you already have, and spend less than $200 to create something similar? Well, you are in luck, as I'll show you how I did just that.
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Three Filmmaking Apps You've Never Heard Of

While I have previously shared my list of recommended apps for cinematography, this week I thought I would add three apps that I have stumbled upon recently, and now use in my own filmmaking endeavors. Here are three apps that can help your own production, and that you've probably never heard of.
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Three Tips For Faster Project Delivery

As I continue my experiment and journey with FCP X I have been looking for ways to further speed up my own workflow and shorten the time it takes for me to deliver a project. As a part of that process, I have developed and refined a system that is now allowing me to turn projects out faster than when I began working with FCP X.

And even though in this example I'm sharing examples form FCP X, I believe that I can take these same concepts and apply them to my Premiere Projects. So without further ado, here is a complete look at the system I've developed, and three tips for faster project delivery.
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How To Effectively Deliver Your Stock Footage

Delivering your stock footage is the last and most crucial step in your stock footage endeavors. Having the greatest content out there doesn't matter one bit if it isn't being found, or more importantly, being bought.

In this post, I share with you the two strategies that I use to get the most out of my stock footage content.
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